SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) Homes

Have you ever looked down the edge of a stud wall and noticed how it bends, bulges, twists and cups due to the increasingly poor quality of lumber? This does not happen with a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) wall. SIP Panel walls are straight, plumb and square. The continuous wood surface gives you a sound nail-base for all exterior and interior finishes. Your SIP Panel home will be one of the most comfortable, quiet and clean structures you will ever own. Unlike a stick-frame home, in which thermal performance is an can be an afterthought, insulation is an integral part of a SIP Panel home. Air and moisture penetrations are greatly reduced because there are so few thermal breaks which are the studs within the wall. People who consider building their dream home with SIPs do so because they want it to be uniquely theirs and perfect for a lifetime. SIP Panels are structurally stronger and straighter, considerably quieter and start paying you back the moment you move in through the reduced costs of heating and cooling. In a SIP Panel home the framer "installs" the panel sections rather than "builds" them. This saves time and ensures that the walls are straight and plumb.

SIPs can positively impact many stages of the building process and help you stay on schedule. Here are a few:

The insulation is already incorporated into our SIP Panels.

  • Healthier Home Environments: Large panels with far fewer joints than stick framed construction mean fewer pollutants are able to enter the walls.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Tighter and better insulated structures enable the occupants to regulate the air quality with simple ventilation techniques. The EPA also recognizes SIPs role in providing healthier IAQ and outlines some of the reasons why proper ventilation is critical to home occupant’s health here.
  • Faster construction time: SIP panels come precut from the factory per your custom plans.  Much like a jig saw puzzle, SIPs are installed in days rather than weeks. Therefore, a SIPs house can be dried in and ready for siding/roofing much faster than traditional 2×6 framed construction and batt insulation.
  • The electrical chases are factory installed in the foam, eliminating the time and labor expense associated with on-site drilling.
  • SIP Panel walls are flat and plumb so the drywall contractor completes his work faster along with a better final finish.
  • The interior finishes, including cabinetry, flooring, moldings, etc. will be installed easier due to the continuous attachment surface provided by the OSB. No more searching for studs.
  • A great advantage of building with SIP Panels stems from the benefit of being made with "factory precision". This precision enables the home to be very tight, which reduces the size of your heating and air conditioning unit (HVAC) by up to 20%, giving you immediate savings. And over the years you'll enjoy significantly lower energy costs too.

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