Detached Garages

The decision between an attached garage addition or a detached garage can be a hard one. While attached garages have traditionally been the more popular option among homeowners, the detached garage is growing rapidly in its popularity due to its many benefits.

Detached garages give homeowners the ability to completely customize their garage so it fits both their needs and wants. Detached garages are not only great for storage and shops, they are great for many other uses as well. Whether you want a mother-in-law apartment, a she-shed, a man cave, office space or a playroom, your detached garage can be designed to fit all your needs.

Another benefit of a detached garage is that you can put it anywhere on your lot, and design it to fit your lot rather than to fit your current home. This is a huge benefit, as your current home may limit the design possibilities of a detached garage.

Lastly, detached garages can help keep hazardous materials such as gasoline, exhaust, and paint away from your house and out of the reach of children and pets. Similarly, detached garages can help keep the noise levels from the garage away from the main house, so your main house can remain peaceful and quiet regardless of the projects taking place in the garage.