New Residential Design

Crafting your dream home is a pivotal step in the journey of bringing your vision to life. At Elevation Home Designs, we specialize in translating your dreams into precise plans that effectively communicate your vision to your builder. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D modeling technology, we offer you the unique experience of visualizing your dream home in detail before the construction phase begins. Explore the possibilities and ensure that your dream home becomes a tangible reality with our tailored New Residential Design services.

Residential Additions & Remodeling

Embarking on an addition or remodeling project carries the aspiration of seamlessly integrating the new elements into the existing structure, creating a harmonious and cohesive design. At Elevation Home Designs, our approach goes beyond merely modeling the addition – we intricately weave it into the existing home, ensuring a visual unity that feels as if it were part of the original building. Employing advanced laser technology, we meticulously measure your existing structure, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless integration. Transform your home with our Residential Additions & Remodeling services, where precision meets aesthetic excellence.

Commercial Building Design

While our name is 'Home Designs,' our expertise extends far beyond residential projects. At Elevation Home Designs, we proficiently manage a range of light commercial projects in-house. Collaborating seamlessly with your architect partners and in-house engineers, we deliver striking and high-quality renderings that elevate your commercial design. Our portfolio includes diverse projects such as government buildings, churches, dental offices, restaurants, and many different office spaces, showcasing our commitment to excellence in Commercial Building Design. Experience the fusion of functionality and aesthetics in every project we undertake.