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    烟花作文-最新庆中秋节英语作文:I am lonely
    作者:admin 发布时间:2020-09-17 09:21

    最新庆中秋节英语作文:I am lonely

    庆中秋节英语作文:I am lonely

    Mid-Autumn Day,all the country is celebrating. The streets are full of people, the loves are holding each other tightily.Everyone has his day.However,I am lonely.No one to hold,no one to kiss,no one to talk!

    I was walking around the street without purpose,seeing the lovers kissing,watching the fireworkes alone,walking backe room whist.

    Suddenly,i think i must be good to myself.So i decied to bue a present to myself.I know I will be good soon,and will find my Mr.Right.So tonight, a little teddy bear will sleep with me.And i know:i will have another teddy bear as a present that not bought from myself!

    the ing 烟花作文 考研英语小作文 关于真诚的作文
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