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    The year of rabbit is coming soon.Here I hope in the coming new year that I will do whatever I like to do.I hope all my relatives will be healthy and happy.All my friends will be better than before.May our New Year be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.


    The New Year is coming, I have many wishes, like a big harvest! My father, mother, grandfather and grandmother will give me a red envelope with a lot of money in it. I wish the female teachers in the school more beautiful. I also wish my family a safe life. I have another wish, I want the world to be more beautiful and cleaner.


    The New Year has come, in the New Year, every child has many wishes, me too.

    My wish is my study better! There is progress every day, more and more beautiful handwriting, my table tennis playing better and better, there will be greater progress.

    In the New Year, I hope our class students and all the children are happy every day, happy, healthy growth, also hope I am more lively and lovely! At the same time also hope the teacher is safe, healthy!


    The New Year is coming, I hope my mother can buy me six burst balls, it is round, touch iron will change quickly, look very special, I want it very much.

    I also hope to have a learning machine, because it can tell me stories, learn English, learn Chinese characters. If I have a learning machine, I will study harder.

    I hope my wish will come true.


    I just want two wishes for the New Year. The first wish is for children all over the country to have books to read. The second wish is to let the fairy sisters, brothers so that our China will not happen disaster. I only want these two wishes. I won't ask for anything. Next year I want two more wishes that you didn't know would launch the world, and I hope you will join in. My wish is that there are people like me, there is peace, there is no disaster. Let us pray for the nation and let me be happy!

    the is 生活的启示作文 有关读书的作文 初中叙事作文
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